May 21, 2022
Are Cat Backpacks Safe? Safety Tips For Both You And Your Cat

Keep your cat safe on your next adventure with these easy tips!

A cat backpack is a great way to transport your cat from one place to another without having to worry about them getting out and running away.

They are also great for keeping your cat calm and relaxed while you are on the go. Here are a few reasons why a cat backpack is safe to use:

Cat backpacks are enclosed

So your cat cannot escape.

If you’re looking for a new cat backpack, it’s important to find one that zips fully closed. A fully closed backpack will keep your cat safe and secure while you’re on the go. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to choose a backpack with a full-zip closure:

It will keep your cat contained.

If your backpack has a full-zip closure, your cat will be less likely to escape. This is especially important if you’re taking your cat on a hike or camping trip, as there are many dangers outside of the home.

It will protect your cat from the elements.

A fully closed backpack will keep your cat sheltered from the wind, rain, and sun. This is important for keeping your cat comfortable and safe while you’re outdoors.

It will keep other animals out.

If you’re traveling with your cat, a fully closed backpack will protect them from other animals. This is important for keeping your cat safe from predators and other hazards.

Good cat backpacks have enough ventilation holes

So your cat has enough fresh air.

As any cat owner knows, our feline friends can be very particular about their comfort. So, when it comes to choosing a backpack for your cat, it’s important to find one that has plenty of ventilation holes.

Cats are naturally curious creatures and love to explore their surroundings. A backpack with lots of ventilation holes will allow your cat to keep an eye on everything that’s going on around them, without feeling claustrophobic.

Cats also have a very sensitive sense of smell, so a backpack that is well ventilated will help to prevent your cat from feeling nauseous during your journey.

In hot weather, a backpack with good ventilation will help to keep your cat cool and prevent them from over-heating. In colder weather, it will stop your cat from feeling too cold and uncomfortable.

So, when you’re looking for the perfect cat backpack, make sure it has plenty of ventilation holes to keep your feline friend happy and comfortable on your adventures together.

Comfy cat backpacks have padded bottoms

So your cat will be comfortable during the ride.

When you’re looking for a cat backpack, comfort should be one of your top priorities. A padded bottom will help your cat feel more comfortable and secure while you travel, which is important for both you and your cat’s peace of mind.

In addition, a padded bottom will protect your cat from the elements and any bumps or jostling that might occur while you travel. It also provides extra insulation against the cold ground.

If you’re worried about your cat getting motion sickness, a cat backpack with a comfortable, padded bottom can help. By providing a stable, comfortable place for your cat to sit, you can help prevent them from getting sick while you travel.

A well padded bottom can also help keep the backpack’s shape and prevents it from sagging in the middle.

Larger cat backpacks have enough space for even cats up to 20 lb

So your cat will have enough space during the ride.

The bigger the better.

When it comes to finding the perfect cat backpack, size definitely matters — especially if you have a larger cat.

A backpack that’s too small will be uncomfortable for your cat and make it difficult for them to move around, while a backpack that’s too large will be cumbersome and difficult to carry.

That’s why it’s so important to look for a cat backpack that’s big enough for larger cats. The perfect backpack will have plenty of room for your cat to move around, but won’t be so large that it’s a struggle to carry.

Quality cat backpacks have a built-in safety leash

So if you open the backpack, your cat can’t jump out.

As a responsible cat owner, it is important to look for a cat backpack that has a built-in safety leash. This is because a cat backpack without a leash can put your cat at risk of getting lost or injured.

A safety leash will help to keep your cat secure and prevent them from getting out of the backpack and running off. It is also a good idea to get a backpack that has a zip-up feature, so you can make sure that your cat is completely enclosed in the backpack and cannot escape.

If you are in a situation where you need to evacuate quickly, the leash would help to prevent your cat from getting left behind. In a nutshell, the leash provides an extra layer of safety for your cat.

My top cat backpack recommendation

Arctic Blue Whisker Bag

As a cat owner, I want to make sure my feline friend is always safe. After testing multiple bags that just didn’t convince me and my team, we came up with a new and improved cat backpack that is actually safe for your cat.

The Whisker Bag is a safe, well-ventilated, cruelty-free cat backpack big enough for a 20 lb cat yet airline cabin approved. It is made of sturdy vegan leather composite and has mesh panels on both sides for ventilation. The backpack has padded shoulder straps and a waist strap for comfort and security while carrying your cat.

The bag also has a built-in leash attachment inside, so your cat can’t escape. The Whisker Bag is a great backpack for taking your cat on safe hikes, travels, or just trips to the vet.

Final thoughts

Are cat backpacks safe? It depends. If the bag is big enough, fully zips closed, has a safety-leash, and is made of a firm material such as cruelty-free leather — yes.

If you are in a situation where you’re not happy with your current cat carrier, I highly encourage you to give the Whisker Bag a go.

Overall, a cat backpack is a safe and convenient way to transport your cat from one place to another. They are great for keeping your cat calm and relaxed while you are on the go.

Jessica Hilse

Cat lover | Travel Guru | Frequent-flyer
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